Conditions of Hire

  1. The hirer shall use and store the goods only at the address listed on this agreement.
  2. Hire goods to be left in an accessible place for truck to pick up.
  3. If the hirer shall fail to return the goods to the owner at the time and on the date required under this agreement, the hirer shall be liable to pay hire fees until the time of return of the goods.
  4. The hirer shall return the goods in a clean condition, in default of which the hirer shall be liable to pay a cleaning fee.
  5. The hirer shall be liable to pay for goods lost, stolen or damaged at the replacement cost of such goods.
  6. No warranty is given by the owner as to the fitness of the goods hired for the purpose required by the hirer.
  7. Hirer acknowledges receipt of the goods in good condition and further acknowledges having received adequate information to enable the hirer to use the goods without risk of damage to property or injury to any person.
  8. In the event that the hirer shall be in breach of any condition of hire the owner may terminate this agreement and enter the hirers premises and recover the equipment without prejudice to the owners others rights.
  9. The owner shall not be liable for any damage to property or personal injury suffered by any person as a result of the transport, use or storage of the goods by the hirer and the hirer whereby indemnifies the owner against all claims, actions or proceedings relating directly or indirectly to the transport, use or storage of the goods by the hirer.
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