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Structure Marquees

Structure Marquees

There are 3 different widths in our structural range.  There is a 4m wide and a 6m wide series and a 9m wide series and they can be extended by adding extra bays.

Structures are more robust than freestanding marquees.  The framework is made of heavy guaged aluminium and the walls are secured in place by sliding down the tracks of each leg, therefore making the structures water and wind resistant.

Structures can be erected on level, sealed and unsealed surfaces and without the need for centrepoles, the area under the structure is clear and open.  Structures can, in most cases, be erected over fixed obstacles (small trees, fountains).  Though it is always best to discuss any obstacles with us prior to ordering.

Included in our pricing is one short side and one long side and depending on availlability, is a mixture of white walling and window walling. 

It is preferable that the client knows where they would like the sides to be, as once we have erected the framework, and before we tension down the roof, we put the sides on.  Once the roof is tensioned down the sides cannot be taken off, however they can be tied back on each side. 

Structures have to be erected by our qualified staff. Delivery charges are extra.

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