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Freestanding Marquee Hire

Freestanding Marquee Hire

Freestanding framed & structured marquees, gazebos and pagodas can be erected on any level surface, whether it be grass, cement, asphalt, bitumen.  Be aware that if it is erected on a painted or tiled area it could scratch the surface. 

The price of the framed marquees, structures & pagodas include the erection and dismantle by our staff.  The cost does not include the delivery and collection fee and this is advised upon enquiry.  The prices of the gazebos are based on a self erect basis, except for the 4m x 8m gazebo which we erect and dismantle.  

If we erect on grass we do like to peg ropes that are attached to the marquee into the ground for security.  Therefore, we need to be made aware if there are any underwater pipes in the area where the marquee is to be erected.    If the surface is cement we weight the marquee down with cement blocks on each corner. 

Freestanding marquees are built on a framework, therefore no centrepoles are required to hold the roof up.  This allows the area to be open under the marquee.  The marquee cannot be erected over existing obstacles, eg. clotheslines or bushes. 

In the freestanding framed marquees, the sides are attached after the marquee has been erected and they will tend to flap should there be a breeze.  If this is a concern, you may consider hiring the structure marquees, as the sides in the structures slide into a channel on the leg and are fixed, elimating the flapping if there is a breeze.

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